The Juggler (playing with fire)

What is up?
When do you get stressed?

Is it nerve-jangling?
Does your spirit burn?
What to do about the stress?

- Life is not always simple - A juggler has to be mindful. Stress usually occurs when too many things come at us all at once from multiple directions in too short of a time period. The way through this is to focus on what is being created by our actions, rather than on the "having too much to do" aspects of what we are doing. Don't try to accomplish everything all at once; you won't get anything done that way. Learn to prioritize and organize.  By practicing mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) and being in the present on a continous basis, we are much better equipped to handle what comes at us.

                                           Stress symptoms                                   

Dizziness                       Sleep disorders                     Stomach aches            Breathing problems  

Tics                                   Fatigue                                  Pains                            Headache        

Heart palpitations               Insomnia                                   PMS                          Irritability       

Anxiety                             Memory loss                       Weight loss              Lack of concentration

One of the most dangerous enemies of a healthy, serene and balanced life is the continuous stress, emotional tension and mental pressure associated with the fast, achievement oriented, materialistic society.When life becomes like a super highway - you are not riding the train back home...

NOTE: Less stress - and good health - do not mean you have to move in circles like a swirling snail, or become madly obsessive and live on sprouts, pine nuts and sterile water. The spiritual component to good health is right thinking and right meditation. >>Sheesh<< Maybe that is why you are here anyway... 

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