Welcome...What does quality of life mean to you?

Quality of life should not be confused with the concept of standard of living, or improving life through neoliberal means. Quality of life is really about our general health and well-being...  
Of course this means different things to people. Some spend a whole life without thinking too much about it or working it out. We often forget about our sense of balance, purpose or motivations. For instance, we can go to work and from then on think nothing of why we are there, get all stressed out or leave the office. Maybe it is not that bad, but awareness, attention and presence play a crucial part in all that we do in the great puzzle of life... 
Think on it...
Think about how consciousness helps to make seasons brighter, improve the work you do and life you live. Do you ever examine your mindset and what that means in your life? Can you hear your private and public Self think? Do you feel present and vibrantly alive? Or is your mind often hiking somewhere, thinking about things you could have done, or what you would like to do when you are done with what you are doing now? Whether we hate or love it, we often get caught in mindless spins or thinking loops (without moving on). With mindfulness we can learn to build awareness, stop over-thinking everything, love and perform better, find happiness and peace of mind.. and more... Still scratching your head about the pain or gain? 
There you go... It is life...and some of what mindfulness is about.
 Much more mindfulness, right and below....
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E-courses - mindfulness education (top rated training)

Be true to your soul’s nature, let go of expectations and live the life you are here to live...

Learn to live in presence with your body, mind, relations and world...

Living in Presence

Are you sometimes stressed or living on autopilot? Is your mind often too busy, getting caught in the past (what happened / could have been done) ahead... worrying about the future? This causes stress and fragmentation while REAL life takes place in the present moment. Mindfulness can de-stress, assist and connect you to who, where and what you are (doing) in a much more mindful "right here, right now" kind of way with many benefits...



                       Mindfulness Trilogy

                            -  an instant mindful living program 

The all in one mindul solution: 100+ pages / 5-6 hours) of science based quality mindfulness training and excercises in total: Every module consists of a text file with teachings, guidance and information along with audios. You should preferably start with the first module. The basis is important no matter your path in life. You can study each module at your own pace and convenience anywhere, anytime. There is no pressure. It is better to go through the course(s) with thorough understanding, expansion and growth. Courses by professionals.

Basic module 1:  Guide to Mindfulness - Meditation

Discover the mindfulness super-method:

A four week science based e-course. The basic, essential guide to learning mindfulness techniques and approaches for stress-management, awareness, well-being, and growth in life. Discover how to:
  • Manage pressures of working and everyday life more easily
  • Remove anxieties, alleviate pain and depression
  • Reduce stress and sleep better
  • Improve learning and memory
  • Strengthen inner resources
  • Become aware of your Self
  • Find more happiness (within)
  • Special guided meditations are included
Coming soon as e-pub for tablets (incl. audio).

Module 2: Live in the Present                                                             


Course description:                                    

A practice of "total mindfulness" is being aware of the present. Discover how to bring a state of pure being into all aspects of life and manage time with mindfulness. Understand the power of now and how it works in relation to the past and future. Learn to use loving appreciation and feel more alive in each now moment. Realize how to take meaningful action, adjust to changing life situations and your environment with/on purpose. This e-course is divided into eight chapters you can study at your own pace (in 8 weeks). Special mindfulness meditations are included to get rid of stress, improve health and well-being, enhance personal / spiritual growth in life...and more....


  • Living in Presence
  • Understanding Time & Stress
  • Becoming Present
  • Releasing the Past
  • The Future (Manifesting)
  • Taking Action
  • Time and Purpose
  • Mindful Life (Meditations)

Note: There is no such thing as "further down the road". You are always right here, right now. Living in the present means being free of the limits that arise from replaying the past (memories); living with fears or projecting useless concerns into the future. Being present is a wonderful, growing opportunity to embrace your Self in the moment and trust that all is exactly as it should be, make progress and direct unlimited forces with your true being.
Coming as e-pub for tablets (+ audio).

Advanced module 3: Mindful Spirituality

Timely spirituality for human be-ings
An insightful e-course on mindfulness, spirituality and discovering your life's true potential -
incl. new ways to expand consciousness and positive awareness to make your spirit soar...

Chapters and themes: 
  • Evolving Consciousness
  • Understanding the Mind
  • Growth and Change 
  • Awareness of Life
  • Intuitive Knowing
  • Mindful Fitness 
  • Spiritual Being
  • Relationships
  • Mindful Love....meditations .....and much more....(coming soon). If you want.

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Mindfulness meditation (hideaway)

Why is mindfulness important? 

                                                      Why do you think?                                                                                                    (Meditation is one thing - mindfulness another)

    Be Mindful 

1:  bearing in mind : 
2: inclined to be aware : 



 : to have information (of some kind) in your mind :

 : to understand (something) :

 : to have a clear and complete idea of :

                                           "Sometimes a change of perspective 
    is all it takes to see the light"
  - Dan Brown

We can be mindless or mindful about a lot of things. When we become aware of beliefs and thoughts of limitation, and shift through inquiry to thoughts of discovery, we increase our potential and opportunity for personal strength, growth and expansion...


Mindfulness Works (with senses)

                                                         Discover magic
                                                                                         (with senses)

                                                                on wings 
                                                                            "you're a sky full of stars"


Mindful Love (songs)

"Love blurs your vision, but after it recedes, you can see more clearly than ever." 
Margaret Atwood



Stress relief...?

                                                 The Stressful Life Test

                                                   Is your heart rhythm on the line
                                                  or sometimes seemingly offline...? 

If you have ever had stress you know how defibrillating it is
                                               and why fighting stress does not work
                                                      to relieve stress

                                                Do you need relaxation techniques ?